Guest Artist 2 
Running Man

Germán Cueto
(1893 - 1975)

He was born in Mexico City in 1893. In 1919, after a short time in the Academia de San Carlos, he decided to study on his own. After staying in Europe for five years, he dedicated himself
to abstract sculpture, turning into maybe the most innovative sculptor in the Mexican environment before 1950. Later, he was accepted into the Academia de Artes
in 1968 as a founding member.

Running Man stands six meters high, and is made of bronze, a material that Cueto knew to perfection. The piece is simple; from two interlacing bodies, a human figure in movement is shown. Its course finishing lets it integrate into its landscape of volcanic rock.

Within its space is a magnificent block of volcanic stone where it’s possible to appreciate the original flora of this zone.  In a joint project with REPSA, Running Man seems to be traveling over the mantle emanated by the volcano Xitle.

Restored on 2007 and conserved until today by UNAM.


Location: On Av. Insurgentes Sur in front of Estadio Olímpico México 68.

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