Guest Artist 1
Red Sun

Alexander Calder
(1898 - 1976)

Alexander Calder was one of the main innovators for sculpture in the XX century. His work is considered to be among that of the most recognized international contemporary artists. Like no other, Calder knew how to express the spirit of his time by making movement and color the main elements in his sculptures.  Calder became world famous with his mobiles brought to life by the wind.

Red Sun is the largest work of art made by this artist.  Standing at 25.8 meters high completely made of steel, by its scale, the piece was able to coalesce with the dimensions of the Estadio Azteca.  Calder’s work of art presents the imperfections of the welding in its three large legs, which gives it a spectacular aesthetic.  The center of the Sun is a warm red that gives it a tone that can be dazzling during the day and matt at dawn and at dusk.

Blue and white concentric circles emerge from its three legs, going along with the corporate design of the Olympic Games of ’68.  The project is in the process of being completed after three years of waiting.

Restored in 2009 and conserved until today by American Express.


Location: Main plaza of Estadio Azteca on Calzada de Tlalpan

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