Guest Artist 3
Ursa Major

Mathias Goeritz
(1915 - 1990)

Mathias Goeritz was a creator of aesthetics that left a permanent mark on the artistic development of our century. During his career, he inspired the world with a lyrical and passionate facet with expressionism; with a polemic and ironic stage with Dadaism; and,
with his architectural work, he gave us modern constructivism.

For this work of art, Goeritz constructed seven polyhedronic columns of concrete (from yellow to bright pink), standing at 15 meters high, and arranged them the same as the stars in the constellation of the same name. In 1968, flight plans for planes passed alongside Palacio
de los Deportes offering passengers the possibility to admire the Ursa Major constellation from a high.

By using geometric and primary shapes, Goeritz succeeded in initiating a harmonic relationship between these and the shapes that were created as a result of the architectural project by the architects Félix Candela, Antonio Peiry and Enrique Castañeda Tamborell for Palacio de los Deportes.

The sculpture has been gravely affected by the construction of warehouses beside Palacio de los Deportes that visually damage the Olympic scenery and of course the work of art done by Goeritz. This 2013 will be an intense battle to rescue it.

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