Station # 19
Doors to the Wind

Helen Escobedo
(1934 - 2010)

Helen Escobedo was born in Mexico City. She studied sculpture with Germán Cueto, John Skeaping, Frank Dobson, Leon Underwood and André Willequet.  She created a center for textile design, stage settings for theatre and sculptural murals.  She was innovative with an exhibition of functional sculptures in plastic materials in the Gallery of Mexican Art.  She was the technical director of the MUNAL and ran the Museo de Arte Moderno (MAM) at INBA.
She was a member of the National System of Artistic Creators for FONCA and in 2009 received the National Prize for the Arts.  She blazed new paths for plastic in Mexico,
was one of the first artists to question the destruction of the environment by art,
as well as reuse natural materials in her works of art.

Doors to the Wind is a blue and green Wall.  In it, movement is only an optical illusion.  What has radically changed is the landscape that surrounds it.  In 1968, the area of Cuemanco was characterized by the green of its alfalfa fields and the blue sky over the city.  But, today, construction is all that surrounds it.  The piece stands 18 meters high and is made of reinforced concrete.

Restored in 2004 and conserved until today by Fundación BBVA Bancomer A.C.

Fundación BBVA Bancomer

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