Station # 18
currently being restored

Jorge Dubón
(1936 - 2005)

Jorge Dubón was born in Chiapas, Mexico.  He studied sculpture, architecture and painting in Mexico, the United States and France.  In those countries he participated in different collective as well as individual exhibitions, winning various prizes and scholarships.  He studied sculpture theory with Ossip Zadkine, stone carving with Francisco Zúñiga and René Collamarini, as well as aesthetics, welding, and soldering as in architectural composition.  He assisted various sculptors like Seymour Lipton and Frangois Stahiy, as well as architects.  He completed reliefs, architectural projects and sculptures.

The sculpture by Dubón is an icon to the boat track of Cuemanco (just as the Red Sun is in the Azteca for example).  The sculpture presents two bodies: a large grey-colored open circular column 8 meters high and a second that presents itself as its counterpart in the form of an incomplete T, whose texture and curves offers us a visual vibration.

Original Location: Main esplanade of the Cuemanco Olympic boating track

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