Station # 17
African Charamusca

Mohamed Melehi

Melehi was born in Asilah, Morocco and studied in Spain, Italy, France and the United States.  He completed murals, bas-reliefs and paintings.  He worked as a professor at the College of Fine Arts in Casablanca, Morocco.  He became interested in graphic design, posters and photography.  He participated in multiple exhibitions in France, Italy, the United States Morocco and other countries in Africa.

This piece is made up of a wavy white column standing at 11 meters “enclosed” by a steel red frame that defines its physical space.  One of its qualities is its ability to get surprisingly thinner upon being observed from the sides.

Restored in 2006 by Fundación Recycling Planet A.C.

Original Location: Periférico Sur South-North direction and Puente de Muyuguardas

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