Station # 16

Olivier Seguin

Oliver Seguin was born in Montreuil-sur-mer, France and lived in Mexico.  He studied at the School of Fine Arts of Lille and Paris.  He was a professor of visual education, plastic integration and sculpture in various schools in Mexico.  He made exhibitions of his art in Morocco, Mexico and the United States.  He later took up architectural integration (reliefs) and monumental sculpture.

The piece by Seguin is made up of two blocks on which straight lines predominate; each one conformed of two large masses, one black and the other white, which offer the sculpture a visual weight and great strength at 7 meters high.

Seguin, during his visit to Mexico, left another important work of art: the emblem for the Satélite plaza, which is found within this plaza and was a symbol of modernity in the early seventies.


Original Location: Periférico Sur South-North direction close to Glorieta de Vaqueritos

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