Station # 15
Door of Peace

Itzhak Danziger
(1916 - 1977)

Danziger was born in Berlin, Germany and lived in Israel. He studied sculpture in London.
He made monumental and commemorative sculptures for various cities in Israel. He had exhibitions of his work in the United Kingdom, Paris and Israel. He participated in the exhibition “Ten Israeli Artists” in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He gave
conferences about three dimensional design at the Technion School of Architecture in Haifa. He worked with stone, steel, bronze, tin, aluminum, making sculptures for gardens and landscape architecture.

The work of art is constructed of a blue pentagon connected on top of another yellow one made of reinforced concrete and steel standing 7.5 meters high.

A transition from “sculpture as object” to “sculpture as urban work” is one that changes the personal ideas of the artist to a fundamentally conceptual language of signs and symbols that speak of the purpose and presence of man in the environment.  The formal and contextual meanings in Door of Peace are converted into existential values.  - Danziger

Door of Peace in itself is a possibility, a creative act where the artist engages the spectator and the natural process of the environment to question themselves about the passing of time in a city.  This is how Danziger’s idea is converted into a public opinion when they contemplate the piece.  - Gabriela Goldschmidt

It was restored in 2004 by the efforts headed by the Embassy of Israel in Mexico through the Honorable Mr. Ambassador David Daddon, with the help of Engineer David Serur and the Instituto Cultural México-Israel A.C.

Original Location: Periférico Sur (South-North direction) and Av. México-Xochimilco

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