Station # 4

Kiyoshi Takahashi
(1925 - 1996)

Kiyoshi Takahashi was born in Japan.  After having studied at the Academy of Art in Tokyo, he took up residence in Jalapa, Veracruz where he became interested in studying pre-Hispanic cultures and modern art in Mexico.  He created various sculptural pieces for the University of Veracruz and was a teacher of visual arts at the University of Jalapa.  He participated in the II Biennial National organized by the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico and in the IX Biennial in Tokyo, among others.

The sculpture by the Japanese artist called Sun is made up of two 7 meter high gigantic white “Suns” made of reinforced concrete, each one segmented into two parts with two quarter parts eliminated from each body.  From the optical illusion that the speed of the cars as they drove by on Periférico caused and the use of the spaces described in the sculpture, the author managed to project the effect of two complete Suns rotating on their own center, of which the spectator can only observe a small part of.

Restored by Carlos Kasuga.

Original Location: Periférico Sur (North-South direction) and Santa Teresa

Current Location: Cloverleaf Interchange of Insurgentes Sur and Periférico, on Insurgentes North-South direction



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