Station # 5
The Biped Sun
Hungary - France

Pierre Székely
(1923 - 2001)

Pierre Székely was born in Budapest, Hungary and lived in France.  He studied design, modeling and woodcarving; however, his main interest was in monumental sculpture.  He worked in close contact with architects to resolve architectural integration problems and sculptural games for children.  He made the chapel for the Carmelite Monestary in Valenciennes, France.

In The Biped Sun, reinforced concrete standing 13 meters high, the use of indefinite figures predominates.  Its course finishing gives it a very organic characteristic that makes it stand out from the rest of the works of art that maintain a geometric characteristic.  In Székely’s words, “Time passes by with nothing to be done about it.  My sculptures are timeless signs of humanity whose only reason for existing is to give pleasure.”

Since a first attempt at restoration in 2000, Székely decided to change the terracotta color from ’68 to an intense yellow.  This sculpture was restored in 2005 thanks to the help of TV Azteca and is currently conserved by Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas.

Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas

Location: Periférico Sur (North-South direction) and Boulevard de la Luz

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