Station # 3
The Three Graces

Miroslav Chlupac
(1920 - 2007)

Miloslav Chlupac was born in Benesov, Czechoslovakia.  After having learned the art of stone sculpting, he studied sculpture at the School of Decorative Arts in Prague.  He participated in exhibitions by the Mayo Group and in collective shows in Czechoslovakia, Italy and Poland.  He was part of the International Symposium on Sculpture at St. Margareten in Austria, and the First French Symposium on Sculpture in Grenoble, France.

The Three Graces is made up of three columns of reinforced concrete, two pink and one lilac standing 12.5 meters high.  In each of the bodies various projections can be denoted that give surprising lightness to the pieces, even though they´re made of reinforced concrete.  It was initially restored in 2003 and is being conserved by Adidas since 2007.


Original Location: Periférico Sur (North-South direction) and Fuentes de Pedregal

Current Location:
Cloverleaf Interchange of Insurgentes Sur and Periférico, on Insurgentes North-South direction


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