Station # 2
The Anchor

Willi Gutmann

Willi Gutmann was born in Dielsdorf, Switzerland and studied in different European countries.  He was mainly interested in monumental sculpture and the creation of movable figures coming from an articulated body that could be manipulated and transformed upon moving the sectioned parts.  He has held individual as well as collective exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Mexico.  Gutmann’s works of art are featured in important public as well as private collections in various countries.

The Anchor is a sculpture in the shape of a large disc interrupted by a smaller element made up of curved lines that is practically inserted into the larger.  Made of reinforced concrete, it stands 7.5 meters high.  Even though it was originally painted purple with green edges, it stands out today for the vivid blue that the author added to it in 1997, taking into account the totally different surroundings than that from ’68.

It was restored by the Association of Swiss Business Owners in Mexico with the help of
the Embassy of Switzerland in Mexico City in 1997.

Original Location: Periférico Sur (North-South direction) and  Luis Cabrera

Current Location: Cloverleaf Interchange of Periférico and Insurgentes Sur, on Periférico South-North direction



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