Station # 11

José María Subirachs

Subirachs was born in Barcelona and studied at the Superior School of Fine Arts.  He did his first exhibition in 1948 and later presented his works in Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Chicago, Paris, Havana, Taipei, Copenhagen, Sao Paulo and various cities in Spain.  He received the St. George Grand Prix from the Council of Barcelona and the Julio González Prize from the Society of Architects and Decorators in Barcelona.  He has done important pieces of work in contemporary religious sculpture in Spain, including completing works on the Sagrada Familia by Gaudí in Barcelona.

Mexico was created a couple of months after the rest of the sculptures since the invitation to the project took longer.  This work of art suggestively displays the word “México” on its central horizontal mass where a first lower mass, or base, and a second higher one positively and negatively converge, forming a sort of cross.  It stands 10.5 meters high.

It was restored in 2001 thanks to the help of Fundación Domecq A.C. and the Embassy of Spain in Mexico.

Original Location: Cloverleaf Interchange of Periférico and Insurgentes Sur, on Periférico South-North direction on the access from Insurgentes.



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