Station # 10

Grzegorz Kowalski

Grzegorz Kowalski was born in Warsaw, Poland, and he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in that city. He participated in various Polish symposiums and international exhibitions such as the II Biennial of Special Forms in Elblag and the III Biennial of Architecture in Brno.

In Sundial, a horizontal composition placed on a circular landscape predominates. Inside of it, seven cones of different shapes, some connected together like Siamese pieces, rise out.  Constructed of reinforced concrete standing 5 meters high, they are painted in different warm tones passing from yellow to orange, red and ochers, each one spread out in different directions and positions. The central cone, for its position, is the one that receives the full force of the sun. How the conical shapes play off one another creates a sensation of movement and contradictory forces for the spectator passing through the area.

During the first restoration of this piece in 2001, Kowalski travelled to Mexico and made an installation in tribute to Fonseca in the Tower of the Winds.

It was restored in 2001 by The History Channel LatinoAmérica.  It has been conserved since then by Centro Comercial Perisur and its surroundings by American Express since 2010.


Current Location: Cloverleaf Interchange of Periférico and Insurgentes Sur,
on Periférico North-South direction


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