The exposition proposes a historical review and a tour of the present to explore the design and communication programs of the two Latin American Olympic Games, Mexico ’68 and Rio 2016, with a difference of almost 50 years between them.

The exhibition analyzes the creations in a range of ways: published materials, photos, blueprints, uniforms, and equipment, that, placed in front of us, allows us to see what remains, what has been transformed, and what new possibilities 21st century technology has brought to us.

The celebration of the Olympic Games means the creation of ambitious aesthetic proposals that embrace modernity and culture itself. The designers imagine influential languages and a promotional structure that inspires the athletes, visitors, city-dwellers, and television viewers of the world to know more about the Olympic celebration.

The creative teams draw up visual positioning strategies to find a solution to a world of media communications that embraces all races and creeds in one place and in just one moment Living a world celebration creates all kinds of expectations.

The exposition walks us through, step by step, the creation of the elements that gave life to Mexico ’68 and now Rio 2016.

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