Intervention Program

Intervention Program for the Route of Friendship

The fundamental aim of the program created by Luis Javier de la Torre is to give life back to the 22 sculptures that make up the Route through direct contact with the community, thus opening up new spaces for the creation of urban art and ensuring a constant presence in the public’s mind through temporary and multidisciplinary artistic interventions.

The goal of the project is to reexamine the sculptures and guarantee their continuity in a city that changes rapidly, expanding upon the concept by Mathias Goeritz of bringing contemporary art to the streets, now with projects that in fact break the everyday landscape of a city overwhelmed by visual contamination.  The Intervention Program takes into account the following: installation, multimedia, theater, music, among other possibilities.

The intervention for the sculptures and their spaces always assumes a creative challenge given the scale of the pieces and their surroundings crowded by buildings and automobiles.  A fundamental part of the program is the connection between the new ideas and the works of art themselves, the interaction with the spectator being irrevocable.  The Route, in contrast to galleries or museums, is provided to creators as a series of spaces for carrying out their works beyond the public.

Luis Javier de la Torre González



Muro Articulado

Un asomo a la Ruta