Gate of Peace

In Gate of Peace Keren Kayemet Leisrael in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel, the Tlalplan Delegación (Translator’s Note, a delegación is similar to borough in New York City), the Mexico City government and the Patronato Ruta de la Amistad A.C. carry out the proposal Edible Forests in the vital setting of Gate of Peace, with a green and productive public space in which the community continually participates in activities of urban sowing and harvesting.

With these works, environmental education is encouraged, as well as efficient use of resources found in this zone of the city.

Agricultural Land – Edible Forests are established within the Contemporary green concept, according to current needs of those who live in urban zones.

Keren Kayemet Leisrael supports its vocation of reforestation and efficient use of water carried out for more than one hundred years in the Middle East, and especially in the State of Israel, to apply it initially to the space that contains the work of Dazinger

In the Edible Forest, in the intermediate term, there will be a space for fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants and trees that will visually shape the sculpture itself; the crops will be for the benefit of the community. The field of Israel, with its 2800 m2, creates a natural space in which art and nature merge to create a site that will be open to a variety of cultural exchange projects between Mexico and Israel.

This project begins with the research and planning to carry out a long-term plan that can be implemented in the four Edible Forests that will be developed around Cloverleaf 2. Holger Hieronimi is in charge of planning Israel’s project, with support from Cultiva Ciudad, Moisés Gamus and KKL.

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