Cloverleaf 2 Edible Forests

Construction of the second level of Periférico Sur (Translator’s Note: a large beltway in Mexico City) made it necessary to relocate 10 of the sculptures, concentrating them in two cloverleaves: the first at the intersection of Insurgentes Avenue and Perférico Sur, the second at the intersection of Viaducto Tlalpan avenue and Insurgentes Avenue. Both have an ecological focus, each one with its own characteristics. The central concept of the relocation proposal is to conserve, as much as possible, the landscape characteristics that the pieces had in 1968; in other words, the pieces that originated in the “Pedregal” (fields of lava) neighborhood remained in this zone, as did the pieces that originally were in agricultural environments.

The Edible Forests are located in Cloverleaf 2; this unprecedented ecological project proposes the creation of a productive public space in which a variety of species can live side by side: cucumbers, lettuces, medicinal herbs, tomatoes, olives, avocados, apples, among diverse other species, around the sculptures with an esthetic planning that integrates the sculptures and their environment. This green proposal invites artists and landscape architects to propose visual designs and interventions in the spaces that will be developed in this second grouping of the Route.

Luis Javier de la Torre is in charge of the creative idea; Holger Heromini, project design. In Cloverleaf 2 there are sculptures from Holland (since 1968), Israel, Morocco, Mexico and France (to be relocated) in their own new space. They all will be connected by vehicle overpasses that exist in the zone; broad sidewalks facilitate pedestrian movement. The light rail, Xomali Station, provides access using clean public transportations, and of course by bicycle; there is alternative parking for vehicles on streets that are near the road interchange.

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