Station # 13
Articulated Wall
Austria - USA

Herbert Bayer
(1900 - 1985)

Herbert Bayer was born in Haag, Austria and lived in Aspen Colorado.  He studied at the Bauhaus School in Weimar with Kadinsky as his teacher and the Dessau School.  He was director of communication for the Bauhaus School.  He completed works of industrial, graphic and environmental design, photography, painting, visual communication, architecture, sculpture applied to architecture, monumental sculpture, mural painting, reconstruction of ancient buildings, sculptural gardens, bridges and museum exhibits.

This sculpture is made up of a steel central axis that unites 33 rectangular pieces of solid concrete, that, even though are independent of one another, are arranged on top of each other with a gap of 50 cm between each one, thus creating a very fortunate visual movement.

Standing 16.5 meters high and made of solid concrete with reinforced bars, the work of art presents a play of light and shadow that changes depending on the time of day.  The method of construction used for Bayer’s sculpture is one of its most interesting characteristics and distinguishes it by being the only work of art of its size that has been made using this construction method in Mexico.

Original Location: Periférico Sur (South-North direction)

Current Location: Cloverleaf Interchange of Insurgentes Sur and Periférico, on Insurgentes South-North direction in front of the Cuicuilco arqueological zone


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